It’s A Wrap In White

It’s A Wrap In White

   So an all white ensemble for me is literally unheard of. Not because of any fashion rules or faux pas but because I’m a complete slob and I stain everything. Yes, I try to carry myself with grace but the moment I open my mouth to take a bite of anything there is often evidence left behind somewhere on my clothing. Ladies, you know what  I’m talking about, those few crumbs found somewhere around the boob area. 

I absolutely love the look of an all white dress, in my opinion it suits all skin tones and body types. Wearing the proper undergarments are a must and finding those is hues closest to your skin will be your best bet. 

Curvaceous Boutique is one of my go to online retailers for maxi dresses. They have a fantastic selection of solids, patterns and florals. The Grace White Wrapped Maxi Dress (I’m wearing a 3X) is a faux wrap with high slit and waist tie. It’s light weight for summer and available in many other colours. I would definitely recommend snagging one of these dresses for summer. Which colour would you choose? 

Shoes ~ Here 

Dress ~ Here 


With a healthy obsession for fashion and beauty I aim to inspire chic & fabulous women to embrace their curves. Cloud 14+ focuses on plus size styling with an emphasis on positive body image. Love, Thera Warren

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