SEN•SU•AL•I•TY ~ The condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses 

Sensuality is a feeling evoked by perhaps what’s draped on your body, mood or a state of mind. Age, size, race or sexual orientation is completely irrelevant in the definition of sensuality. The feeling of sexy can be brought out by any woman at any time on her own terms. 

For months I have been contemplating either a lingerie or swimsuit blog post. Not necessarily to focus on the garment but the pure joy of feeling free, comfortable and beautiful in the skin you are in and to celebrate that magnificence and sensuality comes in many different packages. 

This photo shoot was completely unplanned and spontanious which in my opinion brought out the truth of my emotion through my body language in these photos. I must admit, trotting through a field in a sheer lace dress in broad daylight was slightly daunting but after standing up tall on those bleachers  baring pretty much everything completely empowered me. It was as if I was in my own oasis of freedom and peace. 

I encourage all women to have an open mind about taking photos to capture your sensuality. Whether your completely covered and trying a new pose or shooting in the nude, trust me you will feel like a goddess. Work with someone you trust. Also remember, this is an experience, you do not have to share your photos. 

I’m so proud of these photographs. I would like to thank Stefanie Augusteijn for being so supportive and for capturing what are my favourite photos to date. Today it’s not about the garment, although very beautiful  but the feeling that can’t fully be described in which I felt while both taking the photos as well as seeing the finished product. 

Here I am, a 32 year old woman, in all my full bodied self, feeling completely perfect in my imperfections. 


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Photography Credit ~ Stefanie Augusteijn, Owner Of SexyPlus Clothing & Writer Of SassyPlus Blog  

With a healthy obsession for fashion and beauty I aim to inspire chic & fabulous women to embrace their curves. Cloud 14+ focuses on plus size styling with an emphasis on positive body image. Love, Thera Warren

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