So ladies, we all know the toughest thing to find is a perfect fitting jean. I have often carried a heap of denim into a fitting room and walked away empty handed. Fortunately, that has never left me discouraged, I just keep trying different fits, brands, styles or washes until I find the one. It’s like kissing a bunch of frogs to find Mr. Right!!! 

Since I found my Mr. Right in the denim department I HAD to share with you ladies. I’m sure by now you have seen the awesome #TheNewSkinny campaign by Lane Bryant. They are a super stretch skinny jean that offers multiple styles and colours. I chose the “pieced with step hem” style which boasts a super trendy split hem style in a size 20 (my true size, so order your true to size). Other than the fabulous style they are extreamly comfortable. The true test for me on whether I like a jean or LOVE a jean is if they keep their shape. There is nothing worse than a bangin pair of denim that hugs all of your curves but by the end of the day look like a baggy mess, am I right ladies?? I can assure you (because I have possibly worn these jeans 1 too many times before a wash lol) they keep their shape PERFECTLY from wear 1 to wear 4.. And this scored MAJOR points in my books. Overall, the Lane Bryant super stretch skinny jean is definate win! Lane Bryant is so confidant you will love your denim they have offered a $15 off fit promise. 

This look is a perfect fall transition ensemble with a light weight 3 quarter sleeve jacket. It’s a chic outter layer for the upcoming chilly nights as well a dark floral that works perfectly for fall. The bell sleeve floral jacket kicked my skinny jeans up a notch for a look that I will be rocking again and again.

Don’t forget to post your Lane Bryant super skinny jeans looks on instagram using the hashtag #TheNewSkinny

Outfit C/O Lane Bryant however all opinions are my own. 

Demin C/O Lane Bryant can be found here

Jacket C/O Lane Bryant can be found here

With a healthy obsession for fashion and beauty I aim to inspire chic & fabulous women to embrace their curves. Cloud 14+ focuses on plus size styling with an emphasis on positive body image. Love, Thera Warren

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