You are beautiful

You are beautiful

What would you tell your younger self?
What would you want your friend or sister to know?
What would you teach your daughter?

I challenged my friends and followers to these questions. To share their messages and inspire others.
Too many young women struggle with self confidence. We compare ourselves to images we see in the media, an unattainable body type or lifestyle. Celebrities have glam squads. A whole dream team to create the image of perfection. We as woman viagra online jersey need to be proud of what we have and what we have accomplished. Stop comparing ourselves to others. Build each other up. Support each other. Remind ourselves we are beautiful!

Here are some inspirational woman who shared their message

Jaqueline @jaqueline22

“Follow Your Dreams”


Abby @revolucionjewelry

“Happy Girl’s Are The Prettiest Girls” ~ Audrey Hepburn


Annika @candiappleinc

“I Am Worthy”


Angie @menonaloka

“It’ll Be Ok” “Oh, and Nice Butt”


…and myself…

“You Are Beautiful”


With a healthy obsession for fashion and beauty I aim to inspire chic & fabulous women to embrace their curves. Cloud 14+ focuses on plus size styling with an emphasis on positive body image. Love, Thera Warren

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