For those of you who know me well your aware my motto in life and fashion is “more is more”. I love flashy, frilly, sparkly, over the top everything. Now this definitely has to be executed in good taste and class. 

I was introduced to designer ZOFF by my blogger friend Anesha (Memoirs Of Anesha). We were shooting one summer day and she busted out this amaze frilly add on peplum number that made her outfit just pop! All I was thinking was I WANT ONE TOO!!! Thankfully, Anesha connected us and the rest is history. 

Because I tend to be a bit extra sometimes (ok, maybe ALL the time) I requested my add on custom peplum be as full and fluffy as possible. A modest one lawyer of fabric was not going to do it for my over the top taste. 

Toronto based designer ZOFF was open to my suggestions and executed my vision to perfection. After measurements and sketches my pretty peplum add on was delivered to me a week later. The detail, fit and quality was perfection. 

I opted to add the peplum to a basic black dress. It adds a dash of drama to a LBD! 

I’m so excited to add this original ZOFF piece to exhisting items in my wardrobe which will be sure to bring life and pizzazz to anything it graces. 

I want to thank ZOFF for creating this art piece for me. I would highly recommend investing in a custom garment or accessory if you are the kind of woman who appreciates standing out a little. 
Follow ZOFF on Instagram HERE

Check out how Anesha stylef her ZOFF origional HERE 

Thank you Lisa for the photos. 

With a healthy obsession for fashion and beauty I aim to inspire chic & fabulous women to embrace their curves. Cloud 14+ focuses on plus size styling with an emphasis on positive body image. Love, Thera Warren

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